Source information

1) Yearbooks of the Music Academy (appr. 270 names)
The database contains the names found in two yearbooks of the Music Academy which covers the early years of the 20th century. The yearbooks contain birth data, information on the dwellings and on the studies of the students.

2) Nyíregyháza, Holocaust Memorial (appr. 1700 names)
The database contains information to be found on the Holocaust Memorial Wall in the Jewish cemetery of Nyíregyháza. Besides the names of the victims from Nyíregyháza, the wall also has the names of victims from surrounding villages.

3) IMIT Yearbook, 1931, edited by Dr.Samu Szemere (appr. 320 names)
The Yearbook of the Jewish Hungarian Literary Society, 336 pages. The book contains information on the writers of short stories, letters and the list of the members and leaders of the Society. The database contains the names of these people and the residential places of the members.

4) The History of the Jews of Heves County, from the 18th century to the Holocaust, by Mrs.Orbán, Ágnes Szegõ, 2001, 260 pages (appr. 700 names)
Detailed information on several families and people, the book often presents several generations of one family. The database contains these family ties, and also all other relevant pieces of information.

5) The cemetery books of the Jewish cemetery in Szeged (appr. 5650 names)
The database contains data from the above cemetery books. The books have information on the burial places and on some family ties, but only a few on death dates. The database gives 1900 for the date of information, which in fact means 19th and 20th century.

7) MIEFHOE Notice, February 1930. (appr. 40 names)
Publication of the National Association of the Hungarian Jewish University and College Students, first year, first issue, 20 pages. The database contains the data on those who wrote the articles, also the names of those appearing in the short news.

8) Pályázat, October 1902. (appr. 10 names)
The Official Journal of the Hungarian Jewish Communities and Clerks, 11th year, 41st issue. The database contains the data on those who wrote the articles and the names of those mentioned in the short news items.

8) Jewish Educational Notice, 1891-1893 (appr. 460 names)
Monthly published journal. It lists the members of the association (name and place of living), its donators, names of the journalists. There are several personal news, too: marriage notices, obituaries. The database contains these pieces of information.

7) Notice of the Rabbinical Seminar of Budapest, 1893-94 (kb. 200 név)
It lists the donators (name and place of living) of the Seminar, its teachers and students. We learn where the student live and which class they attended that particular year.

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