General information

The Nevek database is to help people with their ancestral researches. Our goal is to help researchers in finding their relatives and ancestors mentioned in the early publications and databases we have processed and included into the database. We hope that with this database we contribute to keeping up our common Jewish heritage.

The database consists of names of Hungarian Jews found in early publications, such as the ones listed bellow. There are now more than 10,000 names in the Nevek database and we are continuously adding more information. This database contains information found in the respective resources for a certain person, such as birth, marriage, death and occupation. If the original source contains more information, such as family links, this would also be part of the database.

It is also very important, that if the resources contain information on relatives, the database will show a link to these relatives stating also the relationship. This link is the small symbol of a tree next to the name of the people on the result list. When clicking on the tree, you wil have access to the data stored about the relative. It will also tell you whether this person is the mother, the father, or other relative of the original person.

This database is an aiding tool for finding someone of Hungarian Jewish origin in the publications listed bellow. Apart from the basic information of the person searched, the most important thing one can find about this person is the source in which he/she is included in. The database does include some data like birth date or occupation, but primarily it identifies the source that contains information about him or her.

You can make a search among the names and/or localities in the database. However, to be able to access all the information and learn about the source where the person’s name was taken from, you need to be a subscriber. You will have access to 100 records (one person is one record) for the fee of USD 20. After registration, you will receive a userid and a password, which will enable you to search the database. You can always check the data you downloaded previously under your account.

Your subscription will help us expand the database. Our goal is to enlarge this database continuously, mainly with data that is difficult for the general public to access. The subscription fee covers the basic costs of entering further names into the database. Please contact us with your questions on handling the payment.

Once you have found somebody of interest for you and you would like to know what exactly is written about this person in the original resource, please contact us and we will send you the full requested information per email.

Source information about the database

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