Finding a long lost relative always needs an individual approach depending on the information we have about the person and on the information you are looking for. Therefore it is impossible to provide you with a list of prices without knowing what exactly you are looking for.

In each case first we make a short pre-check to know how difficult it will be to get hold of the information you need. Then we can give you a quotation.

When trying to locate your ancestors or when digging out old tombstones we cannot promise you a result. The old tombstones might be destroyed by now; the record books might have been lost in the past decades, etc. This is why you are not paying for the result of the researches but for our time spent on it. This of course can mean that after long and difficult trials we have to realise there is no way we can help you – and we still charge you a certain fee. This would make us feel rather uneasy and this is why we make the pre-check mentioned above.

The paying method can be chosen individually and it is also possible to pay in installments.

For further information and a quotation please contact us.